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Culturally, we’ve assumed for a long time that if you’re an artist, then you must be a very creative individual. And if you’re a creative, then you must have some artistic abilities, or at least, good artistic sense. But very rarely have we driven a line, and differentiated, between the two. It is my impression that they are thoroughly different, and by not recognizing the distinctions, as leaders, we set both classes of people up to fail.  

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My Ideal Conference

My Ideal Conference

So I found this article I wrote a couple of years ago about conferences.  What I find lacking in the market and how, if I were a conference planner, I would strive to create a different (not necessarily better or worse, just different) space for others to grow, learn and be inspired.

I filled out a post-conference survey and this is what I said were the biggest improvements that could be made.

1) Collaboration:  Get some Brainstorming events!  Get coffee, get breakfast & get creative!  Do some early AM/late PM collaborating with purpose and intention.  Maybe to help program churches with little/no budgets/staff, maybe just for exercise!    It just seems like this conference holds this amazing event; and the MOST creative, MOST artistic, and MOST imaginative minds are all there!  Why NOT do some intentional, kingdom-building, strategic creating!?  (keeping in mind that not everyone may want to do this, for some people, this is a recharge-their-batteries event, I don’t think it needs to be everybody).  I would just love to see collaboration-creation!

2) Practical Examples:  Why can’t more churches’ creative teams be responsible for more creative experiences/content/spaces at the conference.  I don’t think the breakouts, keynotes, and events have to be managed by this individual or that individual!   I mean, around the conference, I see the sponsors, I see the booths that show what, LLC did at some church in some place. But I also want to see a booth, exhibit, creative space that shows what or Park City Church or some po’dunk church, what THEY did that’s taking names, breaking ground, and kicking A-double-Ess!  To see how experienced churches are leading their people into creative, artistic, and ultimately life-changing places within their own hearts!

3) Processes: How are other churches (preferably ones that have large attendance, but are small-staffed) getting things done?  I would choose churches where the product outdoes the budget & staffing.  I want to scratch my head and wonder, “How do they get ALL that done!?” and then I want to hear them to tell me.

4) Processes pt.2: I’d like to see a mega-church creative meeting in action. Sort of like this Hillsong video, “The Making of Church News” ( but doesn’t necessarily need that level of quality, but to point is to see at what point the team gets to the end of a meeting.


5) Why-over-How: Conferences have awesome breakouts, and they focus on a lot of  “How-to”s, which makes sense. This leaves keynoters focusing on principles, the-big-ideas & “art is important” bits.  But I think they could benefit from some very intentioned individuals leading discussion break-outs focused on this “Why do we do the things we do” conversations. Andy Crouch NAILED this point in 2011 at his keynote & breakout and one particular conference.

6) Collaboration: More of it. Did I say that already?

7) More discussion on film.  Yeah, yeah, there is YET to be a good example where the church has excelled in this area.  The reaction on this topic is to either tuck our tail, sweep it under the rug, or remain ignorant of what quality art looks like.  But if we were to take art seriously, on the foundation of storytelling, because Christ obviously saw parables as a foundation to his teaching, it begs the question:  Are we currently, REALLY doing art the right way, HIS way?   And if so, why is every young filmmaker raised in the church, abandoning his or her church to move to the degrading, integrity-compromising, faith-lacking industry?  Now, for some young men & women, this is their mission-field, and they are called there.  Some, need to say in their church.  This shouldn’t be as much as a monologue from the front, as a dialogue among creative peers.

8) Let’s disagree more & simultaneously love more.  No idea how that would work, other than it needs to be laid into the culture of the conference, and communicated from the front.  But the principle is built on the fact that my team has seen the most growth and best art when there is torque or tension. We are passionate artists, and sometimes we need to wrestle over the issues.  This does take very confident leadership however.

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