How to Stay Positive When Your Think Your Work Sucks

How to Stay Positive When Your Think Your Work Sucks

April 11, 2013 12:25 pm 1 comment

SEMI-PERMANENT 2013 TITLES from Danny Yount on Vimeo.


Okay, so I watched the award-winning title sequence above, I honestly got a little pissed.  I mean, it’s so good right!  I had also tried to pull off the same feel/look/style the year before for an Easter service over 2-3 music background videos.  But I never got close to getting them looking this good!  So I was sitting there fuming over my lack of creative surplus, time, inspiration, you name it, I was using it as an excuse for why mine weren’t as great.

Then I noticed who created these titles, Danny Yount.  The Danny Yount!  The guy who created the opening titles for Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang the Danny Yount to created the ending credit sequence of Iron-Man and Sherlock Holmes, the D.Y. who formed credits for RocknRollaSix Feet Under, Oblivion and well, you get my point. … I beamed.  When I saw that one of my heros, the great Danny Yount had conceptually, tackled a project similar to my own, I was in that moment so proud of myself; to think along the same lines as a man I whose work I look at and am constantly moved by and inspired by.  It means I’m on the right track.  Just keep your head down Justin, and keep going, you’re doing great.

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